What was the hardest part of the house to build?

I had the most trouble with the staircase. It’s seemingly simple, but I managed to leave out a large piece at the bottom and didn’t realize until much later. I had to totally rip down the staircase and start from scratch.

Favorite detail?

There are functioning drawers in the kitchen that hold tiny, adorable utensils. They’re so cute!

Which part of the house took you the longest to build?

The first floor took longest. There are a ton of small details, plus an alternating tile pattern on the kitchen floor that took a few minutes to get right.

What Was Your Building strategy?

Initially I had the bags for each component out in front of me and I would search through them for each piece. Eventually I got tired of picking up bag after bag, and I ended up dumping all the contents out onto the table in front of me. To stay somewhat organized, I only combined pieces from bags that corresponded to the same parts of the house. Trying to sort through all 2,523 pieces at once would have been a nightmare.

How did you feel when you were done?

When I finished the house, I was so relieved to give my poor fingers a break (they stung for two days after!) and so proud of what I had put together. Despite the marathon building session, putting the house together was easily one of my favorite Mashable experiences thus far.

Fun fact?

I accidentally built the front window overhangs wrong and totally didn’t even notice until the next day when I looked at it again. Oops!

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